Youtube People - Iraq

  • أربيل (Arbīl)
  • الأنبار (Al-Anbar)
  • البصرة (Al-Basrah)
  • التاميم (Kirkuk)
  • السليمانية (As-Sulaymāniyyah)
  • القادسية (Al-Qādisiyyah)
  • المثنى (Al-Muthannā)
  • النجف (An-Najaf)
  • بابل (Bābil - Babylon)
  • بغداد (Baghdād)
  • دهوك (Duhok)
  • ديالى (Diyālā)
  • ذي قار (Dhī Qār)
  • صلاح الدين (Salāh ad-Dīn)
  • كربلاء (Karbalā')
  • ميسان (Maysān)
  • نينوى (Nīnawā - Nineveh)
  • واسط (Wāsit)

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No variation 1 Haider Al-Abadi pmo iraqich 30,074 5,924,813


Alianzo glossary

Useful definitions to understand the concepts we use. Alianzo counts with three measuring systems.:

1- Alianzo Score

Alianzo Score is a value between 0 and 100 which is the result of the measurement parameters used by Alianzo in each of the profiles. These parameters try to measure the engagement and the activity of each social network.

Alianzo score is calculated for each type of social media and for each type of profile.

In addition, the Global Alianzo Score is calculated and displayed in the Alianzo Rank section. This score is calculated by adding the score given to each of the social networks weighted by the importance attached by Alianzo to each social network.

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2- Alianzo Stars

Alianzo Stars is the assessment done from Alianzo for every profile. It takes into account its score on Alianzo Score 2.0. It is calculated as follows:

  • Five yellow stars grade the highest score possible, which is 100. This profile will be the number one of its ranking.
  • Five green stars grade the profiles that score between 80 and 99.
  • Four green stars grade those profiles that score between 60 and 79.
  • Three green stars grade those profiles that score between 40 and 59.
  • Two green stars encompass those profiles that score between 20 and 39.
  • One green star is used for those profiles with a score between 0 and 19.
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3- Alianzo Rank

In Alianzo, rankings are conformed by profiles sorted according to their score in Alianzo 2.0, sorted from highest to lowest. These profiles are calculated for social network and kind of profile.

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