Blog Media - Italia

Total: 28

No variation 1 Android World Android World 12,039 1,115


No variation 2 Macstories Macstories 3,582 2,549


No variation 3 Geekissimo Geekissimo 3,346 993


No variation 4 1,131 1,026


No variation 5 Fine Dining Lovers Fine Dining Lovers 152 854


No variation 6 Rosalio Rosalio 139 290


No variation 7 30 15,804


No variation 8 rockytravel rockytravel 6 254


No variation 9 Libero Libero 7 30,205


Up 10 BlogMasterPg BlogMasterPg 5 69


Alianzo glossary

Useful definitions to understand which concepts we are using. Alianzo counts with three measure procedures:

1- Alianzo Score

Alianzo Score is a value between 0 and 100 as a result of measure parameters used by Alianzo in each profile. These parameters try to measure the engagement and the activity of each social network.

Alianzo score is calculated for each type of social media and for each type of profile.

In addition, Global Alianzo Score is calculated and visible in Alianzo Rank section. This score is calculated by adding the score for each social network weighted by the importance that we attach to Alianzo's each social network.

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2- Alianzo Stars

Alianzo Stars is the assessment done from Alianzo for every profile. It takes into account its score on Alianzo Score 2.0. It is calculated as follows:

  • Five yellow stars grade the highest score possible, which is 100. This profile will be the number one of its ranking.
  • Five green stars grade the profiles that score between 80 and 99.
  • Four green stars grade those profiles that score between 60 and 79.
  • Three green stars grade those profiles that score between 40 and 59.
  • Two green stars grade those profiles that score between 20 and 39.
  • One green star grades those profiles that score between 0 and 19.
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3- Alianzo Rank

In Alianzo, rankings are profiles sorted from maximum to minimum depending on their score in Alianzo Score 2.0. They are calculated for each type of social network and by types of profile.

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