What we do with your data?

We keep them so that the service can be operative, further, as a place to share information with other users in order to improve your profile's visibility. In addition, we'll send you some notifications about services that we think can be interesting for you. Anyway, your e-mail will never be given to anybody. We only use it to verify who you are.

So why do we say this to you?

Because it's a legal requirement, and all the information is registered to the Spanish Agency of Data Protection. In addition, you must know that you can consult, cancel or rectify your data at any time. To do so, send an e-mail to this address: data(at)

And who owns this website?

Alianzo Networks, SL, a company registered in Bilbao (Spain), Alameda Mazarredo 35, with the fiscal identity B95328985. We're responsible for the database and the confidentiality of all the data hosted, which are properly protected. Anyway, we are not infallible ;-).

What data do we collect from your social networks?

We only collect public data from the official APIs of each social network and, in some cases, directly from the web. We are only interested in the numbers, not in what it might has been said in particular. If you connect the social network, we can access these data with a higher frequency and, in the case of personal profiles, this formula is mandatory to ensure that you are the real owner of the profile.