About Us

Alianzo is an engineering company specialized in analytics.

We offer comprehensive solutions so that brands and organizations can know in detail their competitive position in the market in order to improve their online marketing actions and raise new ones. Our tools are based on semantic technologies, statistics and big data and analyze everything that can be measured on the Internet: social networks, blogs, forums, mobile apps, online media...

We are oriented to data as a key source of value for manufacturers and business organizations of the XXI century. We measure, calculate and summarize the information of our clients and competitors and put it in graphic interfaces and formats to be easily read and used later. We are convinced that only with current and verified data may makes it possible to make valid business decisions.

Alianzo started in Bilbao in 2004 by an economist lawyer and an engineer. It was the first company in Spain to glimpse the possibilities of the Web 2.0 to improve companies' sales, reputation and customer loyalty and even internal collaboration. First, developing social platforms and then analyzing the results thereof for multinationals like Google, Panda or Starbucks.

We started doing analytics as a hobby in 2005, when blogs were becoming popular, and some asked us to put some order into the chaos. We collected public data as inbound links or RSS subscribers and created a first tool that, with an algorithm invented by us, allowed to structure them according to their theoretical influence. That worked and eventually we turned it into a business.

Some of our clients

  • EITB
  • Europa Press
  • FON
  • Panda
  • Grupo Planeta
  • Starbucks
  • La Caixa
  • IDC
  • Safe democracy foundation
  • Strands